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Engine type: D14Z1
Displacement: 1396cc
Boost: 6 psi / 0.4 bar
Compression ratio: ~9.5:1
Bore & stroke: 75mm x 79mm
Max horsepower: ~203.1hp @ 6965rpm
Max torque: ~206.5Nm @ 6815rpm
Weight: ~920kg without driver
Intake: Jenvey individual throttle bodies 42mm Jenvey airbox
Cylinder head: milled, 3-angle valve job, phosphorus bronze valve guides
Valves: OMI-Performance high compression valves
Valvesprings: OMI-Performance SPEC1 valvesprings
Retainers: OMI-Performance titanium retainers
Camshaft(s): regrinded D14 cam by NEWMAN
Camgear(s): HKS camgear
Pistons: stock
Connecting rods: stock
Crankshaft: stock
Turbo: SSAC turbo kit: T04E Turbo T3/T4
.57 compressor wheel trim
.50 A/R compressor
.63 A/R turbine
intercooler 680mm*480mm*180mm
2,5" stainless steel piping
38mm wastegate with 4psi spring
Header: custom mini-ramhorn
Exhaust: 3" downpipe
custom 2,5" and 200CELL cat
Transmission: original Honda D13 S20 gearbox
Clutch: Fidanza 6 puck
Flywheel: F1 racing aluminium
ECU Management: P06 OBD1 with NEPTUNE management
Other: Bosch 440cc fuel injectors
Setrab oil cooler
HEL performance clutchline
Mercedes 12v vacuum pump for brake booster



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